Starbound Drinking Game

Players: 2-?


Starbound is everything a two-dimensional sandbox RPG should be. There are many different parts of the game, so pinning down just one drinking game as a “one game fits all” solution is basically impossible. Since there are three difficulty options, I present you with three options of drunkenness.


If you’re playing through the story line, start here.


I stole five manipulator modules during this quest, and my reward is one manipulator module? Esther, what kind of sham are you running here?

Look, you know as well as I do that Esther is just using you to run her galactic errands. The help she offers is a lot of information, but not helpful information like the coordinates of a planet with a known Apex village. For someone with all the secrets of the artifacts, she knows surprisingly little about the species that have them. Broaden your horizons a bit, Esther. The galaxy is multicultural.

Picking up a new quest: Drink 1
Turning in a completed quest: Drink 1
— If the quest you completed is for Esther: Drink 2
Opening a reward bag: Drink 1
Die: Take a Shot
Hire/Add a new crew member: Drink 1
Upgrade your ship: Drink 1


If you’re really into realty and property management, this is your game.

Tenant Quests

So I build a house and then scare the shit out of some guy? Got it.

So, if you’re the mayor of 50 planets (or you want to be), you’ve probably already completed the main quest line. Life as a landlord can be exciting and challenging (via colonies in extreme climates), or it can be dull and moderately lucrative (via colonies in safer neighborhoods…like your spaceship.) Whichever way you choose to play, you can always make it more fun with alcohol.

Putting up a new deed: Drink 1
Putting up a deed in your ship: Drink 3
Collecting rent: Drink 1
Completing a quest for a resident: Drink 1
Die: Take a Shot
Hire/Add a new crew member: Drink 1
Hire a resident as a crew member: Drink 3
Upgrade your ship: Drink 1


For those who want PvP rules, this is your chance to challenge your friends.


That feeling you get when you’re playing with someone who can’t even figure out their keybindings.

This game wasn’t necessarily designed for player vs. player combat, but it can still be quite entertaining. Obviously, being similarly equipped is important unless one of you is exceptionally terrible.

The person who gets the first kill chooses a set number of drinks (we’ll say 3 as an example) and drinks them. The person who was killed respawns and the game resumes. The next person to die drinks twice that amount (in this case 6.) They can then choose to keep the “bet” at 3, change it to 6 (so that the next death would mean drinking 12,) or take additional drinks to raise the bet even more.

When you decide that the drinking number has gotten out of hand, pull out an instrument and start playing Canon in D. If someone else is playing the song and you agree to a reset, pull out an instrument and join in. If someone else is playing and you disagree, kill them for being a wimp and drink the entire current punishment with them.

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