Mario Kart – Drunk Driver

Players: 2-12

Any Nintendo Console

If you grew up with Mario Kart, and you’re now a “mature” adult, there’s a good chance you’ve already played a version of the Drunk Driver game. Besides the fact most people know it, the site wouldn’t feel complete without our own rendition. I’ve compiled a couple of different versions to create my favorite ruleset, with input from @IndieVideoGames and others!

Mario Kart 101 players drinking game

Everyone leaving the strip club drunk at one time.

The Game

The rules are pretty simple. They go as follows…

  • Have a full beer ready at the beginning of the race.
  • Your beer must be finished before you finish the race.
  • You must come to a stop to drink your beer.
  • Whatever your placement ends up being at the end of the race, take that many additional drinks.
  • If you finish the race before your beer, you must take a shot.

It is a brutal drinking game. We usually only make it a couple of rounds to either start or finish the night. I definitely suggest a light beer for this, but to each their own.

drunk mario kart drinking driver

Have fun with this guy.

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