Cynthia is a science teacher at a bilingual school in Shanghai, China. She has also studied music, and continues this passion through hobbies. 心呀是一位在中国上海的双语学校的科学老师。 她还学习音乐,并通过爱好继续这种激情。

Stardew Valley Drinking Game

Quit your day job, pack up your life, and move to your grandpas abandoned farm in the mountains to start anew. Or… grab a drink and saddle-up with these exciting rules to enjoy a game simulating that new life you wish you could start, if only we all had land-wealthy grandparents.

Starbound logo

Starbound Drinking Game

Starbound is everything a two-dimensional sandbox RPG should be. There are many different parts of the game, so pinning down just one drinking game as a “one game fits all” solution is basically impossible. Being there are three difficulty options, I present you with three options of drunkenness.